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The Author's StacksI was living in Macksville in 2007 when the Greensburg tornado came barreling down on us. Lightning was flashing, hail was pounding, sirens were blaring. The neighbors barged through my door on their way to my basement. They were carrying cats and holy candles, babbling about a giant tornado. .All I could think to save was my late husband's picture and two giant plastic boxes of scribbled up legal tablets--ten years of failed novels. Believe me, it was no easy job hauling those things down the basement stairs and then back up again when the basement flooded. 

Later, after the drama, I took another look through the novels. I decided that if I was hellbent on risking my life for them maybe I should try one more time to find a publisher for them. I did.

 This is my second novel. It is a love story within a love story about a quartet of misfits. It is set in Cimarron, Kansas in the early 1980s.

Nineteen year old Marie Rastrelli is large, dark, brilliant and undeniably homely. She has no patience with hearts and flowers. Marriage has never been in her plans. She wants to be a dentist, not a wife. 

Short, slight, brainy Sandy Dupee is eighteen years old and about to become a father. Unlike Marie, Sandy believes in true love. He knows it for fact because he fell in love with Marie at first sight.

Robe & Crown

 This is my third novel and my favorite. 

Weddings and funerals; funerals and weddings: about the only time an extended family comes together is for one or the other. There has been a death in the Dupee family. Uncle Dud  has gone on to his eternal reward… or at least to somewhere beyond this earthly realm. The sudden loss has the entire family unhinged.

As the feuding Dupee family gathers to mourn, each confronts the cold fact of his own mortality and the question of what lies beyond.  Is Dud off  to claim his robe and crown, or is he headed for a more tropical destination? It is an unsettling question.

Each generation of Dupees has wandered a little farther from their parent’s stark version of morality.

Lately the family has been dabbling in sins of biblical proportions and calling it Free Thinking: fornication, intemperance, sundry abominations and that old one about knowing thy brother’s wife. Will they be able to make it through the next three days without all out

Quick Fixes


This one is not about the Dupee family. It is short but funny.

It is June 2, 1970 in Great Bend, Kansas. Cow pasture hippie, Lillian McMullen, is home from college. Folks around town call her Quick because she does things quicker than most. She started Kindergarten at four, learned to drive at eleven, owned a car at fifteen, graduated high school at seventeen. Now, at eighteen, she is engaged to be married.

The wedding is tomorrow, but this is one snap decision that Quick is regretting. With less than 24 hours to an iron bound commitment, she sets out to seduce her high school English teacher. Is it a case of cold feet or is it true love?


Fruit Salad & Wings

Stairbirds in Love

Sentimental Journey