Shakey S. Smith

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Who am I? I am Shannon Smith: fifth generation Kansan; widowed mother of three headstrong daughters and three wayward cats; Spanish teacher and clandestine novelist. Why Shakey? It was my college nickname. Some one misspelled it back in the day and that was that.

zapatos y claveles--My garden, my shoes, my dianthus, my photo.

I live in Western Kansas. It's not everyone's cup of tea but I like it fine.

This is Wagon Bed Springs in Grant County--La Jornada del Muerte on the Cimarron Cut Off for the Santa Fe Trail. This is the stretch of Kansas that did in Jedediah Smith. I lived in Ingalls, Kansas when I started these stories. Ingalls is on the Cimarron Cut Off.

Like the cover? My daughter Hannah does my covers.


What do I write about? I write about Kansas. I write about love: married love, parental love, filial love, fraternal love, even avuncular love. Ah, love--that whizz- bang mystery that hits us behind the knees like a string of cheap firecrackers and makes our hearts pop and sizzle. It lurks behind our every insanity.

This is a picture of my father walking our pasture with my grand daughter. This piece of land has been in the family since my great great grandfather homesteaded it. My great grandfather was named Ferdinand Bittner. He came from a village in Moravia called Purkau.  o add

My First Novel

So what is the novel  about? It's about a failed cat burglar  who is on work release from the Rush County jail.  Clyde is so down on his luck that his only means of transport is a third hand girl's bicycle.  One rainy day he pedals up to the local Adult Learning Center, intending to study for his high school equivalency. On that very afternoon Clyde falls in love with Tharon, his GED tutor. She is not only the prettiest girl in town, she is hands down the bitchiest.