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Joy to the W.

Posted by [email protected] on January 15, 2012 at 7:25 PM

Some major family drama over the holidays. I don't want to talk about it or even remember it. Things are calm again and that's all that matters. The tree was a pain, not at all what I wanted to deal with at the time. It didn't go up until the 24th. Our ornaments were spread out over two counties--a scavenger hunt to find them. It was a new tree and too expensive. Anne and I put it together backwards twice before we got it right but working together we did it.Once the lights were on the whole mood changed.

It was more than worth it when Mazzy came through the door and started picking out her favorite ornaments. She remembered them--the ones Aunt Kitty gave us in the seventies; the florida ornaments; the ones her mom cross stitched in the eighth grade; the cars, airplanes super heroes, , girls, cowboys; the bicycles that Lois and i bought together  and my Hopalong Cassiday. Maz wanted the story for each.  I love that every ornament has a story. How did I forget that? For the whole week  I sat in the dark and watched the lights just like I did when I was six and Kim and I used to fall asleep under the tree.

It was the same with the Christmas dinner-- roast pork loin, cornbread stuffing, ensalada de noche buena and sweet potatoes. Easy enough for a cook but a major challenge for me. I was stressed enough to wish the whole damn thing could be cancelled and I could spend the day vegged out over a true crime show. But it was a quiet joy, enjoying good food with family, comparing gifts, sledding with Mazzy. I'm so glad that Annie and I wrestled that tree out of the box . The thing is, it isn't a holiday if it  isn't a pain in the a** for someone. 

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